Sharing, coordination, calculation: the impact of digital technologies on human collaboration

October 2013- Present

  • How do digital media infrastructures – social networks, online platforms, apps, transport logistic systems, impact the way in which we collaborate with others? How do short-term rental websites like
    match people who want to ‘share’ space in their empty homes with people looking for a bed to sleep in?
    How can ticket-sharing websites help us sell a place on one’s group ticket? How do these services help
    decide whom we share with and influence our process of collaboration? While technologies enable us to
    share, coordinate, and calculate goods and practices, they often promise more opportunities for
    collaboration, more trust between users, all done faster and more efficiently. Yet what exactly is happening
    to processes of coordination, calculation and sharing when digital determinants mediate these processes?
    Processes such as coordinating or trusting others which were, in sociology, considered as sociopsychologically
    structured decisions, are now being outsourced to digital algorhytms and software. The
    growing number of people using such technologies developed their own processes of “calqulating,”
    meaning “anticipating, measuring, testing, influencing and correcting the discrepancies between their own
    position’ (Cochoy 2008). But how do digital media technologies augment this process of ‘calqulating’?



6 thoughts on “Projects

  1. liviou says:

    your work seems really interesting. I am a student at the university in Belgium and I wondered whether it were possible to read your whole study on Emotional Tourism realised in 2006, or many reports of your conferences on this subject. The subject which interests to me particularly is the couchsurfing.

    Sincerely yours

  2. paulabialski says:


    So nice to hear that my work found you. As an interest to you … the work on Intimate Tourism is now being published into a book in French! Assuming you speak French, you will be able to read through the book then! It is currently in production and will be published before Christmas.

    Please email me at if you have some more questions!

    All the best!

  3. italianstudent says:

    Hi Paula

    I just stumbled across your website (from your CS page). Your research looks amazing! I wish you well with it. Am I right in thinking your PhD was on CS? I would love to read it if you have anything published in English.

    Best wishes


  4. amfar says:


  5. Janina Nowak says:

    Od pewnego czasu zastanawialem sie nad napisaniem podobnego postu. Nie wiem czy w sumie teraz to zrobie, bo wydaje mi sie ze chyba wyczerpales temat, dzieki za dobry post!

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