Intimate Tourism started off as a sociology project by an ethnographer (me). 10 years ago I tried to explain how people engage in closeness and friendship through social networks like Couchsuring.org. For the sake of this blog, I now term ‘Intimate Tourism’ as any process by which one deeply entangles oneself in unfamiliar terrain.

Have you ever immersed yourself in something you don’t really understand? Or found yourself in a place and wondered ‘how did I get here’? The best thing to do in those situations is not to run in the other direction, but to become friends with it all. After finishing my doctorate, I recently got hired as a foreigner (in both discipline and language) at the newly-established Digital Cultures Research Lab at Leuphana University in Luneburg. My job here is to be the voice of sociology among media philosophers and historians.

Follow me as I use my academic might to explore this strange world known as German media studies.


One thought on “Welcome

  1. moak87 says:

    This is a message from the land of culture and history, the country of Iran. A peaceful place to visit friendly people. A country with more than 6 thousand years old antiquity and having the first Imperial system of the world. Let’s come together to show our culture and humanity.
    Happy to share links to be more in connection.
    Best Regards,

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